Visiting Miinto in Miami

Miami beach

Just arrived to Miami Beach after 15 hours of travelling from Billund in Denmark to Paris and from there directly to Miami.
It was a nice feeling to leave the flight and feel 30 degrees in my face.

2night i need to fight a bit to keep me awake so i avoid the jetlag as much as possible.
Tomorrow im ready to go to the office and start following up on

A lot of interesting meetings
The coming two weeks is like always interesting, team meetings, partnership meetings and ofcourse a lot of discussions and decisions.

Later this week im going to visit a boutique in Florida and see our new mobile photostudio in action, i’m sure it can be interesting to implement that setup in other big countries in the Miinto family.

A trip to Key West and maybe Los Angeles
This is my fourth time in Miami and until now i havent been in Key West. I have heard so much about that place so this time i will go there in the coming weekend, i will explore this place and see it with my own eyes 🙂

Back to business, if everything is going right i will also take a trip to Los Angeles to meet some potential new business partners for Miinto, i’m also looking forward to that.


2 thoughts on “Visiting Miinto in Miami

  1. Nice blog design you’ve gotten, Morten! Congrats… Looks a lot cooler than your previous theme (which I am still using myself) – hehe. Enjoy your meetings in Florida and have a great time in Key West. I’ve been there a couple of times and really recommend the place. Perfect for relaxation, snorkeling, watersports and one-day cruises.

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