My week in London


Today its the 29th of may 2012 and i’m sitting in the Stansted Express train after my flight with Ryanair from Denmark.
The next couple of days i have arranged a lot of interesting meetings here in London.

Its really amazing to look back at Miinto the last year, i really havent expected this speed on the growth.
Miinto came from a small nordic webshop into a european fashion site with more than 1.4000 connected boutique’s.

In average we are opening a new market every 2 month and that trend will continue into 2013.
The next 16 months will at least 80 new colleges join the Miinto family.

Over the past 8 months the whole new international team has been build, its not an easy task to recruit so many people and expand so fast at the same time.

A bit similar to JustEat
I remember back in 2006-2009 i experienced the same in my previous role as MD of JustEat.
We went from 10-110 employees in 3 years also a fun task.

Tech challenges on our way
Its always the same, when you are growing a company really fast the tech issues will grow as-well.
We see the same in Miinto, a lot of smaller issues and need for improving the whole setup / infrastructure around the platform.

Right now all .Net developers with base in Copenhagen is welcome on board on our team, we need more hands all the time so from now and the rest of the year 12 new colleges will be new team-members.

This picture is from launch party earlier this month


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