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As everybody knows the mobile use is increasing month by month.
All of us is using the mobile to more and more shopping related things Online – personally am i using my mobile as a tool for:

– Work (E-mails and statistics)
– Travel planning (Tripit and Momondo)
– Stocks (Checking my stocks)
– Social interacting (Facebook, Twitter)
– Text (Fast messages iMessage)

Fashion shopping is a fast growing industry and therefore is it naturally that the mobile use on Miinto is increasing.

Check the stats below which is showing the mobile use on Iphone and Ipad (2 most used mobile devices on Miinto) on,,, and our newest website with only a few days traffic

The graph above shows us:

1) Norway is winner when it comes to Ipad use (52,89% of all mobile users is using an Ipad)
2) is the Iphone winner with 63% Iphone users and Sweden and Denmark hereafter  with 49-51% Iphone users

The rest of the mobile devices is not worth mentioning here as we have almost no users on Miinto.

We are working on a real mobile site for Miinto, but we wanna launch a professional version instead of doing it faster.
Ill keep you posted here on my blog when we are ready!

2 thoughts on “Mobile users on Miinto

  1. Please please please please PLEASE don’t make a “special mobile version” for iPads 🙂

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