Check my top 10 business tools / app’s


I have worked in the online industry for the past 15 years. Im excited to follow all the new tools and app’s being released every month.
In my job as CEO for Miinto Group I’m of course also using a lot of tools/app’s.

Below is my Top10 tools I’m working with:

  1. Podio – (Fantastic Intranet, task system and much more for your company
  2. – Planning all my travel activities
  3. Evernote – I’m using it for minutes on all my meetings (sync. between iPhone, mac – iPad)
  4. Xmind – Visualise your ideas and business processes
  5. Facebook
  6. Twitter
  7. – Travel planning on the fly via iPhone/Ipad
  8. Redmine – Tech task management
  9. Jing – I’m using it when i am blogging, take a screenshot and record your screen
  10. – share files made easy

The most important of all my tools is my iPhone, i couldn’t live without it.
Let me hear some of your business tools? Write comments in english, danish or whatever you want.

3 thoughts on “Check my top 10 business tools / app’s

  1. Hi Morten

    Great list of tools you mentioned. One of my favourites right now are “Pocket” (formerly knows as read it later). I have a bookmark button where i just click read it later and then i saved it into the “app” which off course sync with my ipad/iphone etc.

    The app gives me peace of mind, whenever i see good blogs post/articles/videos i just press read it later and then i know some day i will see it through the app – it saves a lot of time on daily basis for me.


  2. Hi Morten,

    Totally agree on Tripit Jing and Evernote.

    I’d like to add Clear, a very clean task app, which is enjoyable to use.
    Tech task mgt I now do with Planbox. Great search functionality and drag and drop.
    Dropbox is my universal pouch for docs.

    Now if only Google Analytics had a great app. 🙂


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